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The "one step Beyond" Earth Observing system


Economic analysis shows a more than comfortable business case with attractive financial returns leading to the creation of "A Strategic Information Set" that may become an appealing and highly valuable BIG DATA source for the entire information marketplace. The Blue Planet v-Globe program will bring new standards for metric imagery distribution with a new level of user experience for users to be able to quickly obtain fresh imagery of the Earth in any quantity. In this respect advanced and disruptive technology is being used to pave the way to quite new prospects for Earth Observation imagery utilization and very profitable markets to emerge, such as "flat rate no limit offers" somewhat analogous to the Telecoms industry.

is the first operator able to provide both sub-meter resolution, 4 spectral channels and the full Earth's surface refreshed weekly (including the oceans). Such a giant data set can be captured efficiently and be made accessible thanks to novel space & ground (patented) technologies. Key factors include:


  • Consider the program as an integrated space-ground service infrastructure (unlike today's space system with ground distribution)
  • Be tuned to the future of the Internet society where business will happen "inside" of the Internet with high value given to EASY data access - to fuel a new range of applications.
  • Capitalize on the Big Data paradigm: "The full Earth" is far more valuable than bits and pieces of the Earth. User applications will become "ubiquitous" thanks to the full planet v-GLOBE vision.
  • Make the data access overwhelmingly straightforward and pluggable as an API.


An advanced and productive space technology


(bringing together massive production and high resolution with the full planet quickly refreshed at the cheapest price)

The key to success is to combine very large swath width sensors teamed with on-board processors able to generate a compressed Internet Protocol data stream that is directly "internet compatible" and "cloud compatible". By teaming 12 low cost satellites, the full planet is "harvested " in a week's time.

The economic merit of v-GLOBE is obtained with the use of advanced on-board processing to reduce down-link bit rates (to less than 150Mb/s) thus allowing a cheap ground system with high performance that can accomplish weekly refreshed imagery (84hours freshness or less with 42 hours average)

 - Blue Planet

 - Blue Planet

 - Blue Planet

Blue Planet opens new horizons


Apart from the technical performances offered by v-GLOBE  , the market will expand with novel uses made now possible with the  "saturation-free" concept (bringing nearly no limit to the number of clients requesting a given Earth place).

The v-GLOBE "Cloud Centric approach" (patented) enables low operating cost thanks to large computing and storage capabilities available today, and at much cheaper prices compared to conventional installations. An in-depth analysis of competitive offers for imagery mass production has been performed revealing an Economical figure of merit for v-GLOBE second to none (investment/production during the whole system lifetime).

By producing the whole "weekly refreshed metric planet" ( instead of "on request" bits and pieces ) Blue Planet opens a new usage dimension that will afford never-seen-before opportunities.

  • Let's imagine how millions of users may access their area of interest after a storm occurs
  • Let's imagine browsing the whole of Sahara to detect a lost  truck
  • Let's imagine looking to a container delivery stored in a harbor
  • Let's imagine getting the whole picture of refugees camps automatically refreshed weekly
  • Let's imagine getting the whole of America at sub-meter resolution 52 times a year
  • Let's imagine...

All of that be done without having to task a given satellite or and plan receiving operations. Time for users to determine themselves satellites usage is over. Blue Planet deliver any picture over any place in a 84hours time maximum without having to be asked for.

A new usage dimension for Earth Observation



In 2018 Blue Planet intends to offer world-wide  nearly unlimited and continuous High Quality imagery  of the Earth at an unprecedented cost/performance ratio.
New services ("Super Market" purchasing paradigm) to the benefit of all sector of human activities will emerge  as soon as users discover the v-GLOBE unique features bringing together easy and low-cost access to data

 - Blue Planet