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A fully garantied imagery quality in all circumstances

A fully garantied imagery quality in all circumstances - Blue Planet

(sample v-GLOBE imagery over Quatar, courtesy of Deimos Space)


A superior Image production:

- 0.85 meters true resolution
- Ortho rectified ,Nadir viewing
- 4 spectral channels RVB+Near Infra Red
- SNR >90 with 70% MFT
- Local hour: ~9H30


Strong effectiveness thanks to “easy, cheap & massive”:

  • Highest productivity (Direct to “Cloud compatibility”)
  • No competition for access to sattelite imagery capture
  • No service saturation
  • Much simplified data access even for unaware  users
  • Predictable service, any place all-over the   world being “seen” every +/- 84 hours (*)
  • Economical “figure of merit” (cost per sq.km/quality) second to none

    (*) Maximum temporal distance, 42 Hours average freshness

 - Blue Planet

A new user experience with so easy access to imagery


The project, code name v-GLOBE, (for Virtual GLOBE) is based on a never experienced  way to conceive Earth Observation. Instead of producing "images" requested by users on a case by case basis, the goal is bigger but simpler:

"Create the full virtual reproduction of the planet image"  at very high resolution stored as a BIG DATA weekly refreshed.
Instead of collecting bit and pieces of the Earth following individual users demand, better catch the whole planet , process it completely and make it accessible on a simplified fashion  at a cost second to none.Images as needed by users are accesible anytime without prior satellite programing, thus making access to data overwhelming simple and at very reduced prices .

Blue Planet intend to be the first operator able to provide both sub-meter resolution, 4 spectral channels and  the full Earth surface weekly refreshed (including oceans). Such a giant data set can be captured and efficiently accessible at lowest costs thanks to novel space & ground (patented) technologies.

Blue Planet v-Globe program will bring a new standards for metric imagery distribution with an unknown level of comfort for users.

 - Blue Planet

Blue Planet is an "enabling” company" that should become the reference supplier of cheap, quickly refreshed and high resolution imagery  able to fuel the  whole of the World  geo-code industry including Cartography, countries management, energy procurement, ecological and natural resources management as well as hazard prevention

Thanks to this, it is expected the number of Value Added Companies able to create highly valuable user’information will SkyRocket

 - Blue Planet

More about Blue Planet v-GLOBE imagery potential ?

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