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How to re-conciliate being Cheap, Users'-friendly and high quality ?

How to re-conciliate being Cheap, Users'-friendly and high quality ? - Blue Planet

The project, named v-GLOBE (Virtual GLOBE) introduces a new way to image the planet. Instead of just producing images for each client on a case by case basis , as is done at present, better reproduce the full planet continuously in such a way any user's can pick up in the v-GLOBE data base whatever needed without prior notice. Any request can be reliably satisfied since eliminating usual satellite tasking conflicts.

Welcome to "Big Data" v-GLOBE technology !

Welcome to "Big Data" v-GLOBE technology ! - Blue Planet



"virtual GLOBE" is a striking evolution and simplification of Earth observation data handling and processing - 12 low cost satellites and a completely automated (and patented) pathway from on-board processing of imagery into INTERNET compatible format, down-linked and placed directly on the Internet and processed in the cloud.

We  "Xerox" the planet

Instead of collecting selected pieces of the Earth from individual user demands, it is better to capture imagery of the whole planet, process it completely and make it accessible in a simplified fashion at a cost second to none. With Blue Planet’s present technologies, satellites are managed as flying sensors directly connected to the CLOUD. The rest is pure software. Cost per square kilometer  of data drops dramatically by a factor of 3 or more.

How to "Xerox" the full planet

How to  "Xerox" the full planet - Blue Planet

By making use of 12 low cost observing satellites , Blue Planet inaugurates a new paradigm of technology combining the best of resolution (better than 1 meter) with the FULL planet covered weekly. This includes unique on-board data processing and an enhanced Optical instrument with an expanded swath-width of over 18 miles (30 km) comparable to none of the known space program can . With these new (patented) technologies satellites become sensors (eyes) connected to the Cloud (brain), the rest is pure software. Cost per square mile is reduced by a factor of 4 or more. This revolution is bringing a new level of simplicity and economical efficiency.

v-GLOBE is "Cloud centric" by construction. Simple calculations show strong economical advantages by directly connecting satellites raw data flux to a Cloud network environment at the expense of computing power requirements. Blue Planet concepts are tuned to the user's need future evolution by moving to "virtual planet" representations. With the advent of mushrooming companies able to offer the full variety of application cases, the services will become Cloud based and take advantage of the Cloud-based Big Data in a new way and inaugurating a novel definition of machine C to C (Cloud to Cloud) business paradigm.